Guardian Plumbing & Heating
A Core Value


Employees have a right to work in safe surroundings and Guardian Plumbing & Heating is strongly committed to providing a safe workplace. Therefore, Guardian Plumbing & Heating has developed a safety policy to govern the work practices of its employees. As a guide for promoting safe work practices, our safety policy exceeds the minimum safety standards which are followed at every work site and in our shop. We meet or exceed all federal, state, and other applicable code and standards on safety and health.

Guardian Plumbing & Heating employees receive safety training in compliance with OSHA and MIOSHA laws, regulations, and standards.

The following lists the contents of our overall Safety Program:

  • New Employee Orientation
  • OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour Certification
  • First-Aid and CPR Training
  • Confined-Space Training
  • Employee Incentive Program
  • Man Lift Training (with a compliance basis of OSHA & ASME regulations)
  • Blood Borne Pathogens Training
  • Safety Inspections at Job Sites
  • Accident & Injury Reports which include “Root Cause Analysis”
  • MSDS & Right-to-Know Hazard Communications
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Program
  • Management and Unions Serving Together (MUST) Safety Training and Drug Compliance Testing
  • In-House Safety Compliance & Training Officer
  • Member Ann Arbor Safety Council and Detroit MCA Safety Bureau