Our licensed plumbing personnel install and maintain all types of plumbing systems from healthcare facilities, complex high rise office buildings and apartment buildings, schools, and industrial plants to the simplest renovation or repair of any type of plumbing, piping, or heating system.

  • Full Emergency Services (24 Hours)

    True 24 hour service is something many companies promise but few deliver...

    ...You'll talk to a person when you call Guardian Plumbing & Heating, at that time a supervisor is assigned to address your needs and follows through to completion. Our on-call technicians arrive with fully-equipped service trucks and armed with the ability and special skills needed to marshal your emergency. We're the 911 call for plumbing services!

    Installation and Repair of....

    • Boiler Systems
    • Domestic Hot Water Systems
    • Plumbing/Piping Systems
    • Pump Systems
    • Backflow Preventers (ASSE Certified)
    • Steam Piping Systems
    • Chilled Water Systems
    • Chemical Feed Systems
    • Process Piping Systems
    • Welding Piping Systems (UA Certified)
    • Medical Gas Systems

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  • Pump & Technical Services

    Are your pumps properly aligned & working at their full capacity?

    • Domestic Hot and Cold Water Booster Systems
    • Condensate & Boiler Feed Systems
    • Sewage & Storm Ejector Systems
    • Chilled Water Pumps
    • Heat Transfer Equipment
    • Condenser Water Pumps
    • Medical Vacuum Pump Systems
    • Controls - Troubleshooting & Repair
    • Motor Repairs
    • Bearing Replacements
    • Mechanical Seal Repairs
    • Pressure Regulating Valve Repairs

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  • Backflow Prevention

    Whether it's a facility cross-connection survey, a backflow preventer installation or repair, backflow testing and certification...

    Guardian Plumbing & Heating has the experience and knowledge to bring you safe and reliable protection.

    Our backflow program goal is threefold

    1. To keep our customers safe from the potential dangers of polluted or contaminated water
    2. To maintain compliance with federal, state, and local requirements
    3. To do both of these in a cost-effective manor

    We do this by knowing the plumbing systems and often suggesting alternative installations that improve operations. These methods, in turn, reduce shutdowns and unnecessary down time from repairs. Guardian Plumbing & Heating can track all your state-required backflow needs. We start by scheduling your yearly backflow test and certification; once this is completed, we submit documentation to the proper municipalities.

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  • Medical Gas Piping Systems

    Chances are, anyone in the Detroit area undergoing a medical procedure will more than likely receive medical gases which are delivered through systems we installed or maintain...

    Patient safety and health are what drives the work Guardian Plumbing & Heating performs; we do this by strict adherence to the National Fire Protection Association 99 Standards for Healthcare Facilities.

    Guardian Plumbing & Heating can manage all your medical gas needs including tie-ins without the need for building shutdowns.

    All installers are UA-certified, with a minimum of four years' experience and special training in the installation of medical gas piping systems. They have been tested by the National Inspection, Testing and Certification Corporation, an internationally recognized third-party personnel certification agency. Technicians update skills semi-annually through a Brazing Continuity program and a Renewable Energy program; and continuing education every two years.

    Two of our technicians currently train others for the Detroit Plumbers' Training Center in Troy Michigan.

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  • Certified Welding

    Guardian Plumbing & Heating is an active member of the National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau, a subsidiary of the Mechanical Contractors of America.

    All welders in our employ are United Association certified. The UA welder certification program has no parallel in the building and construction industry. UA certification requires that all technicians maintain a continuity program checked every 6 months.

    Whether your piping needs are low-pressure natural gas or 200-pound steam lines you can be assured every weld is completed to a welding procedure specification in accordance to ASME Section IX.

    Guardian Plumbing & Heating welders currently serve as the Contractor of Record for the Detroit Plumbing Training Center UA certification process.

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  • Design Build Services

    Almost 70% of traditional contracts end up over budget; This is typically not the case with the design/build process. The reason is that the owner/operator has a greater accessibility to the design/build contractor who is responsible for the overall budget. This allows the owner and contractor to continually collaborate with a budget in mind.

    Guardian Plumbing & Heating is uniquely suited for the design/build market. We have over 40 years of experience in the design and construction of plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, process piping, medical gas and other types of mechanical systems. Our close association with some of the top design professionals allow us greater flexibility to meet our customers’ needs.

    Keep Guardian Plumbing & Heating in mind for your next mechanical project. Your decision to include Guardian Plumbing & Heating will enhance and streamline your design/build process; significantly shorten the overall construction schedule; and greatly decrease your cost and accountability.

    The design/build approach to a construction project offers many advantages:

    1. Enhanced Communication
    2. Accountability
    3. Single Source
    4. Value Based Project Feedback

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  • Service & Planned Maintenance

    From domestic booster systems to sewage ejectors; chillers to data centers; boilers to rooftop units, Guardian Plumbing & Heating and our sister company, Guardian Environmental Services, provides southeastern Michigan with a service “peace of mind”.

    Contact us and we'll you how our planned maintenance contracts can save you energy and money.

    Planned Maintenance Equipment

    • Backflows Test & Certify
    • Drain Cleaning
    • Grease Trap Cleaning
    • Boiler Testing (CSD-1, Rule 27)
    • Gas Pipeline Inspections
    • Furnace

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  • Domestic Hot Water Systems

    Not enough hot water? Water too hot? Water too cold?

    Have Guardian Plumbing & Heating send out an expert to check your hot water system, control the heat, and in turn control your energy costs. Guardian Plumbing & Heating will not only check your hot water system, but bring it up to optimum performance.

    We have helped many hospitals, apartment, and office building lower their energy costs and save water. Do your part to help preserve our world; we'll will do our part to help you conserve your costs.

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